How to name a business in the medical field?


As you have observed, we strongly intend to share with you some practical naming advice oriented on many business fields. Until now, we have written articles about how to name a new coffee brand, a coffee machine, a fragrance, a luxury good, a new technological product and a new technology.

In this article we will share with you some valuable information about how to name a business in the medical field.

Main naming challenges?

  • Finding the right naming direction which will encounter the main business and medical objectives of the new medical company
  • Trying to overcome the “Med-something” naming trend
  • Creating a name which stands for the most important values which make your target audience to trust in your medical brand

So…let’s see.

  1. Finding the right naming direction

Each new medical business has a different purpose and different objectives. It may be a hospital, a clinic, a clinical research center, a laboratory and so on. Besides the practical purpose of the medical business, each new business has different values and missions. You must identify the most important directions which will drive your new business, in order to start searching for the most suitable brand name.

Last week, we launched a new naming project in the medical field. You may read more about the name story in this article.

The new Institute of Clinical Research was named by us – AVANTYO.

When we have started to identify the naming directions of the new brand, we have found three important possible paths:

  • Education Excellence (the Institute has the purpose of training new experts in the clinical research field)
  • Clinical Research Evolution
  • Discover the Future!

All these three directions were suitable for the new medical brand, but each of them made us to generate different naming options.

  1. Creating a name which matters for the target audience

After finding the right naming direction, you must start clarifying the most important values your future brand will stand for. Usually, in the medical field they are:

  • Innovation
  • Care
  • Solution oriented
  • Discovering new medical solutions
  • Help and attention
  • Excellence
  • Forward thinking
  • Professionalism
  • Improving health
  • Long life

You must identify which are the most important values to be followed by your brand and the name must be created by starting with the chosen naming direction and the chosen values.

In Avantyo’s case, the chosen naming direction was: Discover the Future! Why?

Because the clinical research field means forward thinking and always be with the eyes and the mind in the future in order to find the right ways to prevent future medical conditions and many more.

AVANTYO is a name inspired by “avant-garde” and it stands for innovation, courage, discovery, excellence. AVANTYO embraces digitalization into Clinical Research field of expertise.

Avantyo means:

  • Courage to discover new medical innovations
  • The desire of always discovering new things
  • The ambitions of being anytime at least one step forward.

The “Innovation in Education” tagline is a brand promise sustained by the Custom-Made Education Platform for Clinical Research.

  1. No more “Med-Something” names

It’s easy to “Med-Something”. In our case, Avantyo could have been “MedClinical Research”. It’s the same problem the electrical vehicles have right name: “Electric Something Brand Name”. If you want to differentiate your new business and to start with an impact brand name, then stay away from the “Med” letter combination because everybody owns them already.

Like you may see in this presented case study – Avantyo, there are ways to name a future business in the medical field without using boring and too used words.

It’s important to find the right naming direction, the right values and to create them the perfect name around them.

If you need any help with naming your medical business, just write us a message.

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