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Brand Naming

Your future brand name is the first positioning factor of your brand, a central point of the core image of what you will be offering.

The perfect brand name will have the potential to create a stand alone concept upon the overall vision of how your brand will help its customers.

We truly believe that we are creating names which matter and which may become important icons in their markets.

10 criteria for creating your future brand name:

  • 1 Expresses the vision, the positioning and the purpose of your brand
  • 2 Short, clear and it has a good sound
  • 3 Linguistic neutrality (easy to pronounce in any language, especially for global brands)
  • 4 Memorable and easy to remember
  • 5 Engages with the client
  • 6 Has no negative meanings in any languages spoken in the countries where the brand will be launched
  • 7 Easy to be searched on Google (not too many web searches on the same name)
  • 8 The right web domain is available
  • 9 Leaves place for a future expansion
  • 10 Available to trademark