The first V12 hybrid supercar

Product naming


Name the first V12 hybrid Lamborghini super car!


Where does the name come from?

  • REVUELTO is the name of a rowdy bull that jumped into the stands no fewer than eight times throughout his career in Barcelona in 1880
  • REVUELTO also translates to "mixed", a tribute to the bull's wild personality and the car's complex drivetrain
  • Inspired also by "Revuelta", the Spanish word for "revolt", it suggests revolution, a new beginning, a new era.



Not only the car, but also its colour.

ARANCIO APODIS is the official colour of Lamborghini Revuelto.

Where does the name come from?

  • "Arancio" is the Italian term for "Orange", a descriptive word which basically communicates the colour of the car
  • "Apodis" is a metaphorical term inspired by the Apus constellation, with its brightest star, Alpha Apodis, an orange giant that has around 48 times the diameter and 928 times the luminosity of the Sun. The Apus constellation represents a bird-of-paradise, and its name means "without feet" in Greek because the bird-of-paradise was once wrongly believed to lack feet.