Naming ideas for luxury goods


Naming luxury goods is not an easy task. The basic naming principles are similar with the product naming steps. Still, we must take into consideration some differences and specifications in order to find the most suitable name for a luxury good.

  • The most important is the collection name. The specific product name count, but less than the collection name
  • We must not forget about the brand’s heritage but in the same time we must bring a new and fresh perspective
  • Let’s learn from the best: Vacheron Constantin, IWC Schaffhausen, Breitling.

In this article you will find important hints which will help you in naming certain luxury goods like: Premium jewelry and premium watches.

  1. Collection naming, first

In the case of the luxury goods like jewelry and watches, the number one rule is the following:

Name your collections and the most premium products.

By naming your collections you will have the chance to distinguish the products and most important, you will find differentiation points between evolution stages. Finding perfect names for the most premium products will make them more premium, valuable and the most essential point: You will give the chance to the target audience to have an exclusivity feeling. A named luxury good seems original and mostly unique on the market.

  1. Brand’s current heritage and future heritage

The naming trend on luxury goods is to relate almost all the names with the historical brand’s heritage. Of course, this strategy has the advantage of talking about your experience, about the increased value of the mother brand over the years which creates a culture around this historical heritage.

But we must think further than that. If all our culture is based on what has happened 200 years ago, what about for the next 100 years? Wonderful things and changes are happening right now, so it’s important to start creating a brand’s heritage for the future related to our present.

Explore names which are related also with our present and especially with the what has changed in your culture, experience and trends in our times.

  1. Vacheron Constantin. IWC Schaffhausen. Breitling.

These three companies are three of the best. So let’s briefly analyze their naming strategy:

Vacheron Constantin:

  • Patrimony
  • Traditionnelle
  • Fiftysix
  • Overseas
  • Historiques
  • Harmony.

Most of the names are well related with the tradition concept. They are using English and French linguistic inspiration. The collection names stand for their highly valued brand heritage and the time transition of the brand. Good choice, but let’s remember that the future’s past is this present.

IWC Schaffhausen

  • Pilot’s Watches
  • Portugieser
  • Portofino
  • Da Vinci
  • Ingenieur
  • Aquatimer
  • Jubilee Collection

Interesting choices by combining three naming themes: high respected career professions, seaside high class locations and historical respected images. Good sound and we feel the element which can link the collections between them.


  • Navitimer
  • Aviator 8
  • Superocean
  • Premier
  • Avenger
  • Chronomat
  • Colt
  • Galactic

Breitling has one of the most logical and interesting naming themes: The Dream and The Passion. Their collection names stand for high aspirations, ambitions and the freedom of making the step which make every second count. Great naming strategy!

Keep it in mind the most important ideas for luxury goods naming: Collection naming, premium product naming and combining the past’s heritage with the present changes. If you need further help in naming a luxury good, we are here for you!

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