Lavazza launches Minivending Systems, an innovative co-branding project


Last week we had the pleasure to participate at Venditalia, the most important vending event on worldwide level. One of the most exciting moment from this event was the launch of a new concept for Minivending Systems, launch signed by Lavazza. A true state of the art, that represents a perfect combination between Italian lifestyle and the originality of branding.

Companies, entrepreneurs and professionals finally have the opportunity to make a mix between a wonderful Lavazza coffee and the desire of personalizing the office’s coffee machines with their brand identity. This fresh new project offers them the chance to customize the machines in order to create in the same time: an important branding tool proudly displayed also as an unique, original and beautiful piece of furniture in their offices and boardrooms.

At Venditalia, there were presented the first three models made in collaboration with three of the companies representative for the Italian lifestyle, quality and performance: Riva (Italian yachtbuilder), Campari (major Italian player in the global spirits industry) and K-Way (Italian jackets manufacturer). Each of the three models was filled with creativity, uniqueness and definitely with the essence of this project: their brand’s personality and character.


We are extremely proud of having the opportunity to discuss more about this special project with Mr. Pietro Mazzà, Global Head of Marketing Home, Office & Vending at Lavazza. In this article we will share with you interesting and important facts regarding this new fresh and innovative concept. Also you will find out what inspires Lavazza most in finding the perfect names for its products. Enjoy:)


Namzya: Which were the main criteria for choosing K-Way, Riva and Campari as the first partners for this new project?

Pietro Mazzà: Lavazza already had a strong partnership with all the three companies. The main criteria of choosing them was this well established partnership. It was a matter of business relationship that made these partnerships even stronger. All these three companies are models on the Italian market in their fields.


Namzya: Which are the common values of Campari, K-way, Riva and Lavazza?

Pietro Mazzà: Lavazza is a company that celebrates Italian Lifestyle. So, I can say this would be the most important value that Lavazza shares with the other three brands. But, besides that, each of them shares other common values with Lavazza, like:

  • They are developing high quality products
  • The all three companies are representing the top level brands on their industry in Italy
  • They are the expression of excellence


Namzya: Do you consider that the association between Lavazza and these three brands will help you to get the attention of their audience too?

Pietro Mazzà: The Minivending Systems are a B2B product, so they represent a powerful tool of co-branding between Lavazza and other brands. It is also a strong employer branding tool due to the fact that they are custom made using the branding style of each of the brands.

These associations make us more powerful together on the market and it may also open new opportunities for each of us. The new project is one of co-branding and co-marketing. We can develop new interesting marketing and branding activities together and give an emotional element to the product.


Namzya: The core concept of the new Minivending Systems is that it offers the possibility to customize the design of the coffee machine in order to express better the personality of each brand interested in this new project. Do you plan to extend this collaboration with new brands besides the ones that are already involved?

Pietro Mazzà: Yes, our intention is to extend this new co-branded project because we strongly believe in the design power as a tool of personalizing each brand. We believe that this concept is able to open new opportunities for both of the involved audiences: Lavazza’s customers and the employees that work for our current and future partners.


Namzya: What does inspire you in finding the perfect names for your products?

Pietro Mazzà: In the past, in the coffee vending industry it was a common thing to use numbers as names for the coffee machines. Maybe, it’s a common practice in the present too, but Lavazza has decided to evolve in the last years. Our customers have evolved too, they have new expectations regarding naming. It becomes more and more important for them to feel that a name means something and it is also important to connect the name’s meaning with them and their values.

We have started to give a higher importance to our strategy of finding the perfect names for our products. The ideal name for a Lavazza’s product has to be innovative and classy in the same time. Because we consider that these two values represent us the most and our customers need to find them in our product names in order to be memorable for them.

We are a strongly design oriented company and that is why both of the strategies on naming and design are built together and created according to our customer’s evolution, desires and expectations.

The main difference between Lavazza and other companies is that we have a large portfolio of products and each brand has its own promise. That’s why we had to find a name for each product that tell something about the product and the brand itself. For instance, Firma is one of our brands whose goals are to create innovative, tech and design oriented products. That’s why one of the products of Firma is called Inovy. Because we wanted the name to communicate the brand goals and promise.


The discussion with Mr. Pietro Mazzà was not only inspiring, but encouraging, showing us that companies with such a great heritage are open to evolution and innovation in terms of naming and branding. We strongly believe that this innovative project created by Lavazza represents a powerful statement of evolution, originality, uniqueness and personality for the current and future partners of the company. In the same time, it marks a huge step of proving that Lavazza is always listening to its customers and partners needs, offering them the perfect choices of expressing their desires and characters through this kind of products.


Congratulations Lavazza! Your brand is a model of innovation, art and of course, very representative for the gorgeous Italian lifestyle!


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