7 ideas about how to name a new fragrance


Naming a new fragrance is not an easy task. Unlike other types of products, the name of a new fragrance may be the second important factor in choosing it or not after how it smells. Why? Because any potential customer needs to feel that the name really connects with his personality and feelings. Any fragrances lover would like to have a perfume named by him. It’s one of the most known desires in this area. But if he can’t have it, for sure the customer would like to buy a product which has a name that seems perfectly created for his desires.

From this article you will find 7 important ideas where to search for the next perfect fragrance name. And we guarantee you that you will never fail if you choose the right idea for you:

  1. The personification strategy

Any perfume is made for different target audiences. Each potential customer can identify himself with a certain character. The personification strategy involves choosing a human name and associate it with a strong image of a model which will empower that name. A real human name has the strength of giving to the new fragrance a certain human touch and may be visualized as a real person.


  • Cacharel – Anais Anais
  • Nina Ricci – Mademoiselle Ricci
  • Thierry Mugler  - Aura
  • Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio
  1. Hidden Desires

A fragrance has the quality of unleashing a woman’s or a man’s imagination. When you feel the power of the fragrance on someone’s skin, you feel tempted to leave your thoughts fly until the most hidden passions and desires. Sometimes, maybe…forbidden ones. A fragrance name which stands for taboo desires or it’s empowering you to reveal these hidden thoughts, may be a jackpot in your portfolio. This strategy is recommended especially for fragrances with seductive flavors.


  • Carolina Herrera – Bad Boy/Good Girl
  • Givenchy – L’Interdit
  • Versace – Eros
  • Gucci – Guilty
  • Christian Dior – Sauvage
  • Calvin Klein – Obsession
  • Paco Rabbane – Invictus
  • Abercrombie Fitch – First Instinct
  • Dolce & Gabbana – L’Imperatrice
  • Calvin Klein – Shock
  • Gucci – Envy me
  • Versace - Vanitas
  1. Desired qualities

Another naming idea is to explore the desired qualities by your target audience. Each person and potential customer aim to have a certain quality which makes them feel more confident in themselves. If you choose this naming strategy you must know that it is suitable for seductive and business lifestyle-oriented fragrances.


  • Givenchy – Very Irresistible
  • Guess – Seductive
  • Escada – Magnetism
  • Versace – Dreamer
  • Moschino – Funny
  • Emanuel Ungaro - Diva
  1. The inspiration to act

A good fragrance may inspire a customer to act in a certain way, to have the courage to do something he want but he could not do it until now. Choosing a perfume name which motivates you to act is very proper both for fresh/sport perfumes and for the most powerful flavors.


  • Christian Dior – J’adore
  • Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal by night
  • Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal a Paris
  • Elizabeth Arden – 5th Avenue after Five
  • Azzaro – Wanted by night
  • Police – To Be Camouflage
  • Moschino – I Love Love
  • Gucci – Rush
  1. Target Audience: Spotted!

One of the most used ideas in fragrances naming is to exactly indicate the target audience of the new perfume from the name. This type of naming strategy helps you to make your potential customers to identify themselves from the spot with your new product. Usually, this strategy marks different stages of the life or the gender differentiation. The disadvantage is that usually targeting this way your customers works so well that you can not extend in the future the sales of the fragrance to a new target audience.


  • Chanel – Mademoiselle
  • Lacoste – Pour Femme
  • Givenchy – Gentleman
  • Moschino – Uomo
  • Trussardi – Donna
  • Versace – Red Jeans/Blue Jeans
  • Guess – Girl
  • Hugo Boss – XX and XY
  • Christian Dior – Miss Dior
  • Bvlgari – Petits et Mamans
  1. Special and intriguing ingredients

Sometimes, the best naming method would be to us as product name the most important ingredient used in the fabrication of the fragrance or the description of the smell. This type of naming strategy fits the best for a target audience very interested in finding out how the perfume smells from the start. Maybe for very rushed people who enjoy buying online new fragrances.


  • Bvlgari – Wood Essence
  • Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea Lotus
  • Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea Cherry
  • Jo Malone – Lime Basil & Mandarin
  • Tom Ford – Oud Wood
  1. Feelings and emotions

For more sentimental persons which value very much emotions, feelings and use to remember the used fragrance of their beloved ones from certain special moments spent together in their lives, finding a name which empowers this sensitive corner will be the jackpot for you. Besides that, people may choose to buy your fragrance and use it exactly how the name recommends it. For instance, in the case of “Joy” by Christian Dior, a lady can choose this perfume in a beautiful morning when she wakes up happy and full of energy.


  • Christian Dior – Joy
  • Cacharel – Amor Amor
  • Lancome – La vie est belle
  • Chloe – Love Story

The naming ideas described above to be used for choosing the future name for your future fragrance are the most known and selected. Of course, you can choose to be quite different that the entire crowd and choose an unconventional fragrance name as: Gypsy Water by Byredo or Funeral Home by Demeter. You can risk and win, or you can choose a safer path and…also win.

If you need help with your next fragrance naming project, just drop us a line.

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