Forbes ReINVENT Summit: From Zero to Lamborghini in 5 Years!


It was with great pride and excitement that we, Marcela Sărmășan and Andra Guțui, founders of Namzya, took the stage at the Forbes ReInvent Summit 2023. Our journey, symbolically titled "From Zero to Lamborghini in 5 years!", has been one of relentless pursuit and creative thinking. As the minds behind Romania's only naming agency and contributors to iconic brands like Lamborghini, Nissan, and Tata Motors, we were thrilled to share the insights that powered our success.

Our agency, Namzya, is known for naming Lamborghini's esteemed models – the Revuelto, Lanzador, and Invencible. Each project was a milestone, symbolizing our commitment to innovation and excellence. At the summit, we delved into the core ideas that guided us through our incredible journey:

1. Choose the Right Niche for You: Identifying and capitalizing on the right niche was crucial. Our passion for automotive and branding led us to work with names like Lamborghini, guiding our path to success.

2. Accept That You Can't Have It All at Once: We learned the importance of patience and sacrifice. Success is a process with ups and downs, and understanding this helped us navigate through these years.

3. Don't Give Up at the First Rejection: Resilience has been key. Each rejection was a stepping stone to greater achievements.

4. Embrace and Accept the Sacrifices You Need to Make: Our journey involved numerous sacrifices. Recognizing and accepting these sacrifices was essential in staying focused and committed to our goals.

Sharing these insights at the Forbes ReInvent Summit was not just a recounting of our achievements but a platform to inspire and empower.

We hope our story encourages budding entrepreneurs to embrace challenges, stay committed, and dream big. 



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