How to name a new technology?


Nowadays the world is governed by new technologies which generate a lot of new products which have the purpose of making our lives easier and more beautiful. From start-ups to corporations, everyone is in a battle for finding the next huge innovation capable to change the course of the time. If the innovation is crucial, for sure, the name of the next “boost” in any technological field is very important in order to:

  • Make the people to be interested in your current discovery
  • Differentiate your new technology from others existent or from the ones which will follow you
  • Leave a name in the history, not just a simple code

One of the biggest mistakes of the technological companies is that they are forgetting to name one of their most important assets: new technologies. Sometimes they just think about naming the products related to these new technologies. Sometimes, even the products are named based on…codes with no personality. Another mistake is to use generic terms which only describe the functionality of the new technology, but they are not making it “yours”.

How to name a new technology?

From this article you will find out some essential steps to be taken into consideration for naming your next innovative process.

  1. Avoid the generic terms of the industry

If you are planning to launch a new cloud application, don’t integrate the word “cloud” into the name. If you are an automotive company which will launch a new hybrid technology, don’t use the word “hybrid” in the name. For example, Volvo has named its hybrid technology “Twin Engine” which is a great and original name. If you have discovered a new technology for coffee machines, don’t stick with “grinding technology”. Avoiding the generic terms of the industry will make you seem different, unique and most important will make your target audience to think that you are innovative in a world where everybody says this. And that’s what you want, no?

  1. Descriptor is the key. Not descriptive.

In a world governed by engineers who just hate metaphors, suggestions and they want to get quicker to the real point, it’s very difficult to come up with a more creative naming solution. It will not be accepted. A metaphorical name will make the research and engineering departments to feel that their work is not taken into seriously. In the same time, we have a huge problem with descriptive names. Yes, they are functional, and they are fast positioning the new technology on the market. But the chances to register it as a trademark can be small. So, what’s the best solution?

Use descriptors instead of descriptive names. A descriptor is a word, or a combination of words attached to the mother brand name. If your company is named “XYZ”, then the new technology name will follow “XYZ”. It’s not the best solution and it means that you will have to us the entire naming construction when you will promote your new technology. But, it’s the preferred solution by the lawyers, the fastest chance to register your new technology as a trademark and the best thing you may do to satisfy your engineering department which asked you to find a descriptive name.

  1. Suggestive or metaphorical. If you have the courage to do it

We always will recommend and insist to look beyond the standard borders. If your competitors use names which have no creativity, no personality and no distinctive factors, this is no reason for you to keep your technology blocked in this red naming ocean. Being distinctive, unique and original will give you more chances to make your audience to see your new technology as much more innovative and advanced.

          4. If you are the pioneer, you may invent the name. If not…

If you are sure that your new technology is unique and nobody has developed it until now, you may take into consideration to invent a name for it. It’s very probably that your technology name will become the generic term of the industry and that’s not a bad thing for you, at all. A name that becomes a generic term can become a negative situation only if you do not protect it properly. If you are not the pioneer or the leader, choosing an invented name will make you lose some time in making your target audience to understand what your new technology really does.

          5. Keep it short

The times when innovations had names longer than 12 characters have passed. The shorter the name will be, the easier it will be to be understood, memorized and remembered. A long term will create confusion, misspellings and losing your customers attention and memory. Though, take into consideration that even if a name is short, it doesn't mean that it is easy to memorize. Make sure that the name is not only short, but it is suggestive for your technology.

         6. English, please

A standard which we highly recommend you to respect it is to use names inspired by the English language. Any technology field is related with the English language and finding inspiration into Latin languages, for example, can make your audience to find your next innovative process so romantic that it may be less professional.

        7. Predict your future products architecture

This last step is the most difficult one. In this step you may need a specialized help from a naming agency or a naming specialist. If you are planning to launch new product range or products which will use the new launched technology, you must predict the future naming architecture even before the technology comes into the market. Why? It’s important to empower consistency, homogeneity and a logical naming structure which will be recognized over the time by your target audience.

Naming your future technology will give you the power of establishing an innovation era on your market. Your technology deserves to become a heritage of your research work. A technology is more than a generic term used by hundreds of other companies. Value it as it deserves!

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