7 reasons to work with a naming agency in 2020


If you are planning to launch in 2020 a new company, new brands, new products or new services, this means you will be needing to name them, first. Maybe you are thinking that anyone can “name something”, but from this article you will find out why you should take into consideration to work with a naming agency for this specific task:

  1. Naming can be a very…time consuming task

If you are doing this daily, like a naming specialist does, it may take you a lot of time. All the names seem not to be suitable for your future product or brand. You become frustrated and you encounter yourself in the situation of losing a lot of time and your satisfaction level has a very low rate. In the case of a naming agency, the specialists who work here are used to do this every day, so it’s very probably to deliver you the naming project in a very short period of time.

  1. The investment in a naming agency may be…lower than the one done into your team for this task

When you decide to do something by yourself, you usually don’t take into consideration the wages costs of your marketing team and even your time invested in this naming searching task. You will be surprised, but a naming agency can be cheaper and may deliver the name to you you faster than your team. Keeping your marketing team busy on this job implies higher costs and it's time consuming.

  1. A naming agency can be…faster than your marketing team

The naming specialists are doing this this job daily. We are searching and creating new names every day of our lives. Practically, we are breathing names. As you already know, after you are spending more than 10.000 hours in doing a certain type of job, you can say that you have become a specialist in that field. Besides the fact that you are doing the job better, most probably you will be doing it faster. A naming specialist has from the beginning of the project a vision and some “naming” connections already created in our minds. So, for us, it’s easier to find your future brand name from the simple reason that we have invested a lot of time in improving our general naming process.

  1. A naming agency will think…beyond the simple name

For many people, a name is just a name. A word or a combination of words which sounds good for the one who creates it. For a naming specialist, it will always be more than just “a good sound”. For us it is important to find a name which:

  • Expresses the positioning of the new brand
  • Connects with the target audience
  • It is easy to pronounce in many languages
  • Has the potential to become memorable
  • It is meaningful for the target audience and for the client's company
  • It is available to be registered as a trademark
  • Does not have negative linguistic connotations
  • Does not have cultural negative connotations
  • It has the desired web domain available

A name is more than a name and a naming agency can deliver you the perfect brand name by respecting a list of multiple important criteria.

  1. The previous naming experiences give the power to a naming agency to…know exactly what it works and what it does not work

Like in any other job, in naming there are good examples and there are also many mistakes. Maybe a few of them made by us, others made by different companies. The certitude is that besides working daily at different naming projects, as naming specialists we are keeping ourselves updated with the latest naming news and examples. From our own experiences and from all other experiences, we can tell you very quickly which are the current naming trends and we can give you the best naming advice for your situation.

  1. If you are planning to launch more than one product this year, a naming agency can offer you…a “bigger” vision

Usually when a company must name, for example, four or five products in a year, a marketing team is thinking at five independent new product names. As a naming agency, we use to think from a larger perspective. In many cases, we have decided to build an entire homogeneous and logical naming architecture which connects the new product names under the same unitary direction and meaning.

  1. When you feel stuck, a naming agency can come with…a fresh, new and innovative naming perspective

Especially when you must name many products and you must use the same old descriptive terms, it’s impossible not to reach in the point of feeling completely stuck. You simply don’t know how to find new descriptors and every name which comes up, seems just…too common or already used in the past.

Besides generating new naming options, a naming agency can help you in this case by creating new and fresh descriptive terms which may help you in the future to generate new other product names. We do this frequently for our customers. By bringing “fresh new blood” in your project, you will enlarge the naming pool of options.

We know that there are some barriers which made you to choose the “I’ll do it on my own” naming option until now, but we really think that in 2020 you should try, just like a test, to work with a specialized naming agency. Maybe you will be surprised, and the obtained results will overcome your expectations. If you are ready to discuss more about your future launches, just drop us a line. Promise to surprise you in a good way!  

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