product naming

Do you prepare the launch of a new product?

Everything is ready but the name of the new star is missing? We hope that you have already avoided the classical failures in product naming. Failures like:

  • Just simply extend the company name upon your product without a serious analysis dedicated for this decision.
  • A brainstorming with your employees where all of them have surprisingly voted for the top management name option.
  • You simply decided to name your product using a dream that you had last night.

The product naming process it’s so important that in many cases can make the difference between a good product that it’s sold as crazy and a good product that even your friends do not buy from you.

When you work with a specialized naming agency, the product naming process follows three main objectives:
  • The capacity to communicate the general vision.
  • But not forgetting about the independence of the product. The product should be presented as a stand alone sub-brand with it’s own vision, mission and promises.
  • The strength to empathize with the wishes of the potential clients.

Do you need a name for your new product?
Just tell us.