How to find creative brand names?


It is believed that creativity is a talent which you are born or not with it. If you are not feeling yourself a creative person, it’s very probably to think for the rest of your life that you are not able to develop or grow this ability.

We strongly believe in the power of a growth mindset. Of course, it matters if you are born with a certain competence. It’s a lot easier to build over an existent foundation than to start digging for building first a foundation. But, it’s not impossible.

This week, we had the pleasure to teach a naming course at the University of Economic Studies from Bucharest. One of the most interesting received questions from one of the students, was the following:

How do you find your creativity for creating the perfect brand names?

Creativity can’t be really explained, but we will try to give you four important hints in the following article:

  1. First, find a few suitable naming directions

If you know about yourself that you are not a creative person, this step is essential for you. If you have to find a brand name using the strategy “let’s brainstorm about anything comes in our heads”, it’s very probably that you will find nothing, and you will get very frustrated.

In this article, we have given you some naming directions examples in the case of launching a new fragrance on the market. You will see that if you are starting your naming project with a clear, defined direction, things are getting easier even if you are not the most creative person.

  1. Exclude the undesired naming directions or associations

This step can be as useful as the previous one. Basically, if you will start to exclude the naming associations you are not interested in, you will have less naming possibilities which helps you to clarify your thoughts and to find the good ones. For example, if you are planning to launch a new clothes brand and you don’t want to be associated with concepts like: sportwear, casual clothes, hiking clothes etc., you must write down all the possible connections which are not suitable with your future brand.

  1. Try it alone

In many cases, the most chosen naming process inside of a company is to do a brainstorming session where all the marketing team members are participating, or all the founders and employees in the case of a start-up. Anyway, usually it’s a session which involved a lot of people. Our advice is to try it also alone, each of you. If you are doing the brainstorming only in group, you will see that every time, there is at least a leader which starts to influence the whole session.  And all the group will start to search brand names influenced by the leader or of the most imposing persons (which can be the founders, or the managers).

If you will try, all of you, also alone, you will increase your chances of finding more creative naming solutions.

  1. Try to build together a table of keywords

What you can do together as a team is the following thing: after you will find the most suitable naming directions, after you exclude the negative ones, you may start to build a table of keywords which may help you to start building various naming options. They must not be real brand names. Just keywords related to the desired naming directions which may inspire each of you to find some creative brand names.

Anyone can outgrow his creativity skills. If you need an extra hand even for developing this naming skills or for a specific naming project, just write us a message here.

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