The main criteria for choosing your future brand name


Unfortunately, when people have to name their future brands, products or services, the main and many times also the single criteria for choosing it is:


Of course, very often some of the best naming options for a future brand are rejecting simply because the owner, does not like how it sounds.

The naming process is more complicated and involves many factors than how much a name is liked or not. It’s mandatory for you to understand that before “I love it or not”, other things are a lot more important for the future of your brand.

In this article we will present you the most important eight criteria that should help you to make the right naming choice for your business:

  1. A perfect name respects your brand’s vision, values and mission. Sometimes, just because a name sounds great, it makes the potential customer believe that your brand has to do with totally something else your doing in fact.
  2. It aligns with the business development strategy. For example, you must take into consideration from the beginning if you plan an expand across the borders of your own country.
  3. It’s easy to remember and easy to memorize. If it’s too long, too complicated to pronounce or it sounds very “strange”, your customers will not remember it. And you don’t want that, for sure.
  4. The name has to engage with the client and his emotions. A good name makes the client to have a good feeling when he thinks about it and also engages with his desires.
  5. Leaves free place for a future expand of your brand. For example, if you start to sell hardware but you also plan to sell software products in the future, it’s a very bad decision to name your business “Hardware forever”.
  6. It’s free for registering as a trademark! Why choosing a name that sounds great but it may never belong to you? If you make this mistake, you may pay a lot of money.
  7. You can find available the right web domain name at a decent cost. It’s important to find available your desired web domain name, but sometimes you may lose a lot of money if you have an unjustified obsession for a .com web domain.
  8. A good name has to be verified of negative linguistic meanings in all the countries where the new brand will be present.

All these eight criteria are a lot more important than “I like it”. From love to hate it’s a single small step. And sometimes you reach to pay a lot of money for simply getting in love with the wrong name without rational thinking. For example, when you use a name that it’s already registered as a trademark. 

Of course, how a name sounds is important too. And the perfect choice should be one that you also like and you feel that it represents your values. But before asking yourself this emotional question, please be aware about these eight criteria presented here. Because in naming it’s more about the rational process. And a naming agency it's able to explain you better these criteria. 

If you need help with your naming process, please drop us a line and we will be delighted to be useful in searching your future brand’s name. 

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