5 hints about naming a web platform or a new mobile app


Nowadays, launching a new platform or a new mobile app has become a fast-growing trend. Not only the technological companies are launching software products. Companies from all the fields are thinking about how to digitize and scale their businesses in the online environment.

Due to this fast growth, finding a good name for your future web platform or app has become more important. The competition is harsh and if you want to make a difference on this crowded market, you need to be dedicated to find the perfect name.

From this article you will find 5 important hints about naming your future web platform or mobile app:

  1. Suggest your web platform’s or app’s main feature

Since the attention of the target audience has decreased because the software market has become so crowded, it’s mandatory to find a name which has the capability of making a quick suggestion about the core feature of your platform. Even if, invented or metaphorical names are more attractive or interesting, your main objective is to make your potential customers to quickly understand what you are offering. In many cases, the founder of a new web platform wants to find a clever and catchy name. Sometimes “clever” means too complicated, difficult to memorize, to remember and to associate with what you really do. If you don’t have enough money to invest in a metaphorical or invented name, we advise you to choose a suggestive name. More details about the types of names here.

  1. Choose a short name

On the software field, it’s very important to keep your names short and clear. You have a lot of successful examples: Waze, Tinder, Skype etc which are using simple and short names. A short name has the huge potential of being understood, memorized and remembered very easy. Long names are more suitable for the luxury goods industry. In the software field, being short is the naming successful key.

  1. Search your naming options on Google

It’s very important to choose a web platform name which does not return millions of searches when you are typing the name on Google. If the competition on that name is so harsh, your expenses on SEO and Google AdWords will be huge. Try to find a “clear” name which will provide you the chance of owning a first page position on Google from the start. For example, our agency name, Namzya is in this case. From the moment we have launched our website, we have owned the name on the first Google’s page when you were typing “Namzya” in the search bar.

  1. .com web domain. Does it matter?

When we are talking about a web platform, it may matter to have a .com web domain. But it’s not a deal breaker if you have found a good name which encounters all the other important naming criteria.

If you are planning to launch a global web platform and your services will be spread at worldwide level, you may try to find also a .com web domain. In other cases, you may use also other web domains extensions.

  1. Do not get too close to a competitor’s web platform name

Sometimes, people believe that choosing a name very similar with the name used by a bigger competitor, the created confusion will them to grow. But this belief is very wrong. Why? Because if your competitor is stronger and you are choosing to be so similar with him, people will reach to him even if they are searching for your web platform. His Google position and reputation are stronger. Also, your target audience may be annoyed by this similarity and they will “ban” your web platform in their minds.

Naming your future web platform or mobile app is not an easy task. We have the pleasure and the great challenge to work on many naming projects from the software field. If you need help with naming your future platform, just drop us a line.

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