services - naming consultancy

Naming Consultancy

Besides creating a name from the scratch, we are also offering various types of naming consultancy services, as the following ones:

Creating naming alternatives

If you have already created a list of names, but you are not 100% sure about one of them, or if your preferred names are not eligible for trademark registration, we can help you with some “tweaks”. Meaning that we will create for you different naming alternatives, inspired by the ones created by you.

Naming strategy consultancy

To rename or not a brand? To build an homogeneous naming architecture or not? Which name is the perfect one from a certain existent shortlist?

These are some examples of questions for which we might help you to find the perfect answer.

Mediating a naming decision

When there are many people involved in choosing a certain brand name, certain...conflicts might arise. We can help you with the mediation of this situation by sharing to you our professional naming perspective which may support you for taking the best naming decision.