Namzya is one of the few specialized naming agencies based in Europe and it aims to become one of the key naming players on a worldwide level.

Namzya has started in 2017 when its founders, Andra Guțui and Marcela Sărmășan have decided to specialize in the naming area after a long experience in different branding and marketing projects.

Since the beginning, we have desired to innovate with concepts like:

  • Raising the interests of the entrepreneurs and of the corporations’ marketing teams in creating names which matter for real
  • Creating a personalized naming process for each type of client
  • Teaching young people, students and people who are passionate about this field, how to create remarkable names

Since 2017, Namzya has succeeded to prove that its vision and its ambitions are becoming reality very fast. We are proud of having the opportunity to work for clients like: Nespresso, Lavazza, Tata Motors, MAN Truck & Bus, Verisure, Franke, Bianchi Industry, ART Fertility Clinics and many others.


Our main secret?

...our strong and reliable partnership.

It's said that the partnerships with complementary skills are the best. In our case, we have pretty much the same set of skills, ambitions, vision, objectives, appetite for risk, courage to innovate and the obsession of always delivering the best for our clients.

We do not complete each other to become better. We double our strengths and create the best version of ourselves as a team!

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