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why namzya?

We have started our careers with the marketing field and we have liked it. We have continued with advertising and we have started to feel excited. But when we had our first naming project, we knew that we are going to fall in love.

Because no matter how much we would like to write the brand story, no matter how much we would like that the story is read by everyone, what we really love is to know that the name that everybody will have it in their mind is found by us.

We name...THE Name. And that makes us truly happy.

namzya team

We name...THE Name. And that makes us truly happy.

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Marcela Sărmăşan
Andra Guţui

So what's next?

Let’s work together

Always establish the strategic
core of any project
Continues with the best
creative tactics
Loves short messages that target
the heart of the customers
Loves to deliver the full story that can
fully conquer the heart of the customers
Has the patience and the skills to
make a research for a project up to
the deepest details
Can find “flash” solutions after she
understands a comprehensive research
Thinks any naming project as a
rational project, step by step
Adds original creative details in
the process steps
Gives the general vision and
perspective of any naming project
Comes with emotional factors in order to
connect the new brand with the customers
Marketing Degree and high
qualifications in this field
Business Administration Degree
Strong advertising and marketing
background and achievements
Business and writing background
When she pushes the trigger…
…she will always keep the fire alive