Covim’s naming strategy for the launch of new coffee blends and systems


Our experience at Venditalia 2018 has given us the opportunity of discovering very interesting facts about the coffee world and to be present at the fresh launch of new and innovative coffee products.

We had the wonderful chance of finding out more about Covim’s coffee systems and products from Paola Macoggi, Marketing Director of the company.

Covim’s coffee brands are loved by a lot of people, especially people from Italy. Covim describes their drink as “a way of life”. It’s about the pleasure of taking a break at work and enjoying a moment with yourself and your thoughts. It’s about sharing a moment of the day with an old friend, your family or the people you love.

At Venditalia, Covim has launched an innovative coffee system and also a lot of coffee blends that will give you the chance of tasting the “Espresso Life”.


In this article, you will discover more about this launch and of course, more about their naming strategy and about Covim’s sources of inspiration in finding the perfect brand names.


Namzya: You have recently launched Covim Superba system. What has inspired you in naming this product “Superba”?

Paola Macoggi: Superba is a name with a very interesting and emotional heritage for us. Covim’s headquarters is in Genoa. Our city has been nicknamed “La Superba” meaning “the proud one” due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. The credit of this nickname goes to the poet Francesco Petrarca from a travel report dated in 1358.

So we have decided to name our new product “Superba” as a tribute to our glorious and wonderful city.

Namzya: Attached to the Covim Superba system you have also launched four new coffee blends: Scirocco, Levante, Maestrale and Suave. What was the main inspiration for finding these special names?

Paola Macoggi: The names of these new coffee blends are actually names of existent winds or the description of certain winds.

Scirocco is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahare and can reach hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe, especially during the summer season. The connection between Scirocco wind and our coffee blend is that the product is creamy, strong and has a delicate tropical aroma.

Levante is an easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean Sea and southern France. Usually it is gentle and damp, but sometimes brings clouds and rain. Its moderate character is suitable for our classic italian espresso that has a soft taste.

Maestrale is a strong, cold, northwesterly wind that blows from southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the northern Mediterranean, with sustained winds often exceeding 66km/h, sometimes reaching 185km/h. The connection between this wind and our product is related with the exigent tastes of some of our customers. They want a strong, 100% Arabica coffee that gives them energy and that’s what Maestrale does.

Suave is a description in Spanish of a soft, gentle wind that blows in the Mediterranean areas in the summers. It perfectly describes our decaffeinated coffee product.

Namzya: We have noticed that for the bar products category you have chosen an interesting naming theme: Precious stones. What has inspired you to make this choice?

Paola Macoggi: It is not a coincidence that Covim has chosen the precious stones theme for these products. The products represent some precious blends precisely because the philosophy that guided us in its creation derives from our commitment and our passion. Our naming options were the following: Smeraldo, Rubino, Giada and Turchese. Each of the names has a strong connection with our products and the general message of this naming strategy is that we value a lot this category and it makes us really proud of our coffee blending achievements.

Namzya: Do you think that the name of a coffee product is able to influence the customers perception?

Paola Macoggi: Definitely the name of a coffee product influences a lot the customer's perception. Together with the design of the packaging, the name is such an important matter that is able to change the view of the customers about the entire brand’s identity. For example, if the same coffee blend arrives in the retail with another name and/or packaging design, the customers will believe that is a completely different product. We think that names are really essential in building a strong brand personality and we will continue to work on our naming strategy in order to name our products according with our customers’ expectations and also with our internal values and vision.

From our perspective as naming specialists we were really impressed of Covim’s naming strategy. Unfortunately, in the coffee world, some naming standards are respected and repeated all over again by all the competitors. As you already know, the names of the coffee products are quite similar with each other. Covim proved that you can be courageous and innovative when you have to name a new coffee product. Finding wonderful naming themes that represent your brand, values and vision becomes more and more important for the customers.


Congratulations Covim! Your naming strategy is a model for the industry you activate in and we hope to see further on this interesting approach! 


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