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One of our favorite naming fields is the coffee area. We are truly passionate about the coffee world; we have worked on many beautiful projects in this zone and we really think that it’s one of the most competitive ones in terms of finding creative naming solutions. In the past, we have written an interesting article regarding how to name a new coffee brand. Now we have for you some naming hints about the fascinating coffee machines world.

In this article you will find interesting information about:

  • Short analyze of the naming strategies which belong to the biggest players from this field: De’Longhi, Krups and Nespresso
  • The similarities between their naming strategies
  • Differences between them
  • Tips for naming a new coffee machine and negative examples
  1. Krups, Nespresso and De’Longhi’s naming strategies

They are the biggest players on the coffee machines market. From the naming point of view, they have done a very good job. Let’s see how:

Krups product names:

  • Infinissima
  • Evidence
  • Espresseria
  • Barista
  • Latt’Espress

Nespresso product names:

  • Inissia
  • Vertuo
  • Creatista
  • Prodigio
  • CitiZ
  • Essenza
  • Maestria

De’Longhi product names

  • Maestosa
  • Primadonna
  • Eletta
  • Autentica
  • Dinamica
  • Magnifica
  1. The similarities between their naming strategies

We can easily observe that all the three competitors are using Italian language as main linguistic inspiration. Italy and France are countries highly associated with the coffee field. Why Italian and not French? Italian, as a language, has simpler pronunciation rules. Even if you are not familiar with the Latin languages, you are able to pronounce these product names. French is a lot a more complicated and less used as linguistic naming inspiration.

Another common point is that most of these names are feminine words. Why? Feminine words are inspiring the target audience to a perception of wonderful, delicate and soft things. Drinking a good coffee in a beautiful morning makes you think about concepts like family, home, friends, and the comfort of being loved by your closest people. These are ideas mainly associated with a feminine corner of the human’s mind.

Type of used names? We can see that all the three companies have chosen suggestive names rather than descriptive. Why? As we have said above, the art of drinking a good coffee is associated with some feelings and emotions related to family, happiness and love. If they would have chosen descriptive names, they would have lost the imaginary meaning of the new products. It would have been a simple coffee machine, not the center of a social action.

  1. The differences between their naming strategies

Krups is using a combination between English and Italian languages inspiration. Most probably, the decision was made in order to differentiate the target audiences. Italian names for coffee machines which mainly target the families and English names for coffee machines which target corporate offices.

Nespresso has the most unpredictable naming strategy. They are more innovative, and they are challenging the imagination of the customers. Vertuo, for example, is a brilliant product name. We may see from their strategy that their main target audience is the professional corner of life. They are more oriented to corporate offices, than to families.

De’Longhi, instead, has the most predictable, homogeneous and logical naming architecture. Italian cultural inspiration, Italian suggestive words and always the names are ended with the letter “a”, making the name to sound profoundly feminine. Their names are inspiring their customers to think about the greatness and refined Italian style.

  1. Negative examples?

We think that Franke is the most unpleasant naming surprise. On their kitchen home appliances side, they have a wonderful naming architecture which may become a true model for every home appliances manufacturer. On the coffee systems side, they do not have a naming strategy. Their coffee machines are named by…codes which mean nothing to their target audience. Examples:

  • A800
  • A200
  • A400
  • A600
  • A1000

Another negative example is from Miele. They have the same naming strategy as Franke, based on codes.


  • CM6350
  • CM6310
  • CM5200
  • CM5100
  • CM500
  • CM6150

Taking into consideration that Franke and Miele are two home appliances manufacturers which have very high standards of quality, it’s a pity that they are not taking care of their brand names portfolio. Code names mean nothing for the target audience, they have no personality and no story to tell.

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