How did we name the only Institute of Clinical Research of Romania?


Last week, on 11th of October, we had the honor to attend the launching event of the only Institute of Clinical Research of Romania, Institute that bears the name and the tagline created by us.

As naming specialists and the only naming agency of Romania, we have the privilege to work on a lot of interesting naming projects in different industries, sometimes in industries where our knowledge is not so vast, like the medical zone.

But with every new project and every new industry that we are working for, our experience and knowledge are growing fast and a lot. Many times we are asked how we do to work for an industry we do not have any background in. The answers is: research. We do research a lot, we read a lot, we ask a lot.

And this is what happened with our last brand release, which was the name of the only Institute of Clinical Research of Romania.

AVANTYO, with the “Innovation in Education” tagline is Namzya signature.


AVANTYO is a name inspired by “avant-garde” and it stands for innovation, courage, discovery, excellence. AVANTYO embraces digitalization into Clinical Research field of expertise.

AVANTYO Institute of Clinical Research is a platform of 3 operating pillars: Conferencing, Training, Consultancy.

It is also the organizer of Clinical Trials Symposium, one of the most important events dedicated to clinical research in Europe, if not “The most important event in Europe” as Mr. Michael Fleischer, Global Quality Director of World Courier, Germany, said.

The mission of AVANTYO is to enable patient’s access to novel medicine faster.

The “Innovation in Education” tagline is a brand promise sustained by the Custom Made Education Platform for Clinical Research.

We are happy and proud we had the chance to name such an important future brand in Europe and we are thankful we had the opportunity to attend the launching event together with the two co-founders of Avantyo, Doctor Cristina Florescu Moraid and Doctor Claudia Hesselmann and with big personalities and names in the clinical research domain.

How is it to name a brand in the medical industry?

As we said earlier, this was our first project in the medical domain. It was one of our most challenging projects, but also one with the most beautiful results. Since none of us has any background in the medical field, we had to study a lot and find the best communication bridge between the doctors/the specialists and the new entrants in clinical research domain. And the result is AVANTYO, Innovation in Education. An inspiring name for both specialists and beginners.

AVANTYO, we wish you to become a powerful name in the Clinical Research industry in Europe and farther. Thank you for bearing our name.

If you have a naming project in the medical industry and not only, write us and let’s talk about it.

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