Namzya Girls, special guests at Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Yesterday, on 30th of September 2019, we have been invited by the rector of Bucharest University of Economic Studies and by the dean of Faculty of Marketing to meet and talk to the students at the opening of the new academic year, as graduates, successful naming specialists and founders of Namzya, the only naming agency of Romania.

It was such an honor and such an exciting feeling to come back to the university we have studied, as graduates and naming specialists and to have the opportunity to share with the students our experience, our life lessons and how we made our dreams to come true.

Our story started seven years ago, when we met each other at Online Marketing master program for the first time. We like to say that it was “love at the first sight”. We had an instant connection and we both had two obsessions at that time: to become successful (even if we didn’t know how or what to do in our life), and to be nominated in Top Forbes 30 under 30.

At that time, we didn’t know how to achieve these dreams, but we knew that one day it will happen. We have started different entrepreneurial projects together, successful projects for 22 years old.

Two years later, in 2014, we have been rewarded by the Faculty of Marketing for our entrepreneurial ambitions of that times. We have got on stage having a lot of emotions, each of us said few words and we got our diploma. We were two young girls with high hopes, dreams and big obsession for “success”. We didn’t know at the time what life will bring to us.

After 5 years, yesterday, we got again together on the same stage. This time, as graduates, successful naming specialists, founders of the only naming agency of Romania and Forbes Top 30 under 30 members.  

It was such an incredible day. We had a lot of emotions because this time we sat at the presidium table next to our mentors: rector, dean, professors. We have listened Gaudeamus Igitur and after the speech of the rector and the dean, we had the mission to motivate the fresh students and the old ones to fight for their dreams.

We have shared with them our story, our experience as students, our successes, our biggest projects, like the launching of Tata Altroz vehicle at Geneva International Motor Show, and of course, our failures and all the tears we shed every time thinks were not as we wished to be.

We didn’t leave without offering some practical advices, like attending the classes, reading all the books for the exams, choosing friends wisely or learning extra.

Being on that stage after 5 years was not only a beautiful and exciting moment, but it was also a proof that we did things well. For us, it was a wonderful recognition of our naming specialists’ expertise.

Also, we were given the opportunity to share our knowledge to the students during the first semester courses. We are more than happy, excited and grateful for this chance.

Thank you, Bucharest University of Economic Studies!

Thank you, dear rector, dean and professors! Without you, we wouldn’t have been the people we are today!

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