Why did we choose Namzya name for our naming agency?


This is a question we are receiving often by email, in private messages on social media and live, during our meetings with clients or at different events. And it’s quite a good question, actually.

It is a well-known fact that in any domain, if you want people to see you as trustworthy and professional you have to do a good job for yourself first. You cannot pretend you are a good fitness trainer when you are 150 kg (no offence for the weight of other people), as you cannot pretend you are a good naming specialist when give a bad name to your naming agency. 

Being a naming agency, we had to do it best for ourselves. Otherwise, we couldn’t sell our naming services to no one.

So, why Namzya?

There were a plenty of reasons and criteria we took into account when we created the name of our naming agency. And we did it strategically.

  1. First naming agency in Romania, one of the few naming agencies in the world

This is something we knew from the beginning. From the moment the idea of creating a naming agency came into our minds, we knew we will be the first in our country and we knew we will be one of the few naming agencies worldwide.

Considering this, we wanted a name that says from the start what we do, which is “naming”. Choosing a name that says what we do helps us to gain the leader position in the "naming category" on the market. Our aim is that when someone thinks about naming, Namzya to be the first word which comes into his mind.

So, Namzya comes from naming.

  1. A strong name

“Z” is the last and one of the most powerful letters in the Latin alphabet. It is a consonant which offers the power and hardness we wanted our name to have, that’s why we introduced it in our name.

  1. A name that can be trademarked

One of the most important criteria in our process of creating a name for our clients is the possibility of trademark that name. So, we took that into consideration for our name as well.

Descriptive words are almost impossible to be registered, in general. Namzya is an invented word which could be registered, but it is also a quite suggestive name, so it helps us in communicating our expertise.

  1.  Position on Google

Another step in our naming process is called “Google Due Diligence”, which means we pay attention to the position on Google you can have on that word. If you type Namzya on Google, you will see we are on the first page. We have no competition on this word. It is already ours.

These were our main criteria we’ve taken into account when we created the name for our naming agency. There are a lot of aspects you have to take care of when developing a new brand name, but the most important one is that fact that the name has to communicate your positioning, it has to say what you do.

We believe we managed to do this with our name.

What do you think? Share with us your opinion. We would love to hear it.

And if you need our help with a naming project, you can write us here.

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