Most expensive .com web domain? $49.7 million

The madness of .com web domains is getting higher and higher. Everybody wants the perfect match .com web domain. But what are we supposed to do when our perfect match costs millions? Does it worth to spend almost $50 million on a .com web domain? Do you think this kind of investment may become profitable instead of using a similar web domain?

We have studied on the list of 25 most expensive domain names publicly reported.

Let’s see how it looks:

  1. — $49.7 million
  2. — $35.6 million
  3. — $35 million
  4. — $30.18 million
  5. — $30 million
  6. — $18 million
  7. — $17 million
  8. — $16 million
  9. — £9.99 million
  10. — $14 million*
  11. — $13 million
  12. — $11 million
  13. — $9.5 million
  14. — $9 million
  15. — $8.8 million
  16. — $8.5 million
  17. — $8 million
  18. — $7.5 million
  19. — $7.5 million
  20. — $7 million
  21. — $6.8 million
  22. — $6 million
  23. — $5.8 million
  24. — $5.5 million
  25. — $5.5 million

* The domain name sold twice — Once in 2005 for $14 million and again in 2010 for $13 million. 

We are sure that many of you will think that this is completely crazy. To pay this amount of money on a .com web domain. So who buys this kind of web domains?

Let’s see:, and were bought by the same company! QuinStreet is a publicly traded marketing company based in Foster City, California. They have a lot of .com web domains in the insurance field, so it seems that they are quite interested in having the web domains supremacy on their area.

But that is not everything.

QuinStreet has also bought for $18 million and they have received together with this web domain an entire portfolio of domains like:,,,,, and was sold recently, on June 18, 2019 to for their new block-chain social media platform. The domain name was originally owned by MicroStrategy Incorporated, which is company founded in 1989 that provides business intelligence, mobile software and cloud-based services. was sold to Nations Luxury Transportation from Don’t Look Media, a leading intellectual property holding company. The domain name was purchased in 2012 for $30.18 million with the objective of using it for their new website. It is believed that, since the domain name was bought in stock and cash, it was the highest pure sale of a domain name ever.

Sometimes the .com web obsession can bring you a lot of frustrations. Everytime you are searching for your perfect match .com you see this message: is taken.

We are not magicians, so we can not free for you web domains like, but we are able to find some interesting alternatives which will cost you $8 per year. So, if you feel stuck in finding the perfect brand name for your new business, or if you see that every single web domain wanted by you is taken, write us a message and maybe we will find you the perfect naming solution!

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