How was 2018 for two entrepreneur girls?


During the entire year, we wrote about our activity in social media a lot, especially on LinkedIn. We’ve posted about our business travels, the companies we met and the projects we worked at. But since we are 2 days left until 2019, we’ve decided to gather in one article all the important lessons that 2018 taught us and all the important moments we lived during the year.

As you probably know, we are two young entrepreneur girls experienced in branding and communication who decided to create Namzya, the first and only naming agency in Romania and one of the few naming agencies in the world.


Namzya is quite virgin as agency, but based on our 8 years of experience in communication industry and a lot of branding and naming projects that we finished together in the past. In October, Namzya celebrated one year since we created it, which means that 2018 was the first and the most important year for us.


What 2018 means for us?


  1. The courage of thinking big

It was the year when we had the courage to think big and global. We understood that you are small only if you feel small. If you believe in yourself and stop thinking about you as a small and insignificant person, the others will see you exactly in this way. Yes, we are only two persons, but we’ve decided to believe in us and trust our capabilities as experts and professionals. And this attitude opened us so many doors, thing that brings us to the next point.


  1. Eight business travels in less than 7 months

We’ve met a lot of big companies all over Europe that opened us the door and trusted that we can create the perfect names for their future brands.

We’ve met companies from:

  • Geneve, Lausanne, Versoix – Switzerland
  • Milan, Turin, Treviso, Venice, Bergamo – Italy
  • Istanbul – Turkey
  • Berlin – Germany

  1. International brands

We’ve created and are still creating names for big companies that will launch the products at international level in the near future. We can’t wait to see our names on the streets, in people’s houses and, why not, in people’s hearts!


  1. The courage of assuming who we are and what we want

We were always a people’s person. Both of us were afraid of losing friends, family and people we care about. We were afraid of loneliness. And we put others' needs first.

The truth is that in order to gain something, you have to give up at something else. And this is a lesson we’ve learnt this year. We made our choice, we know what we want and we are willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.


  1. We’ve met great professionals

During our business trips, we met a lot of lovely and professional people from whom we’ve learnt a lot. For instance, we’ve met Mr. Pietro Mazza Global Head of Marketing Home, Office & Vending at Lavazza, and Paola Macoggi, Marketing Director at Covim, who talked with us about the naming strategy that they are applying at Lavazza and Covim’s products.


  1. Namzya become a member of IAA -  International Advertising Association

It was our dream since we were students and we’ve won a competition organized by IAA. And this is the proof that dreams come true. 2018 was the year when Namzya became an official member of IAA. It is such an honor of being a member of such a big and important association in the communication industry.

  1. The biggest publication in communication industry of Romania wrote about us

IqAds, the biggest and most important publication in the communication industry in Romania wrote about Namzya, about the fact that we are the only naming agency in Romania and our future plans. The article can be read here (it is written in Romanian).


  1. Life experience

But most important, all the things mentioned above helped us grow and develop. All the places we visited, all the people we met, all the airplanes and trains we travelled by turned us into different and much more independent persons. And strengthened our desire to succeed.


Last, but not least, 2018 and Namzya brought us things that we’ve made for the first time. We will leave some pictures below:


  • First business trip (Berlin)


  • First conference abroad (Berlin)


  • First big project​ (Geneva)


  • First time travel with train from one country to another (Italy to Switzerland)


“Life is too short and the world is too big” is our life quote that we created this year and started to follow. 2018 was the best year in our life and we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring to us!


Happy New Year!

Hear you in 2019



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