7 most important naming mistakes


Everybody is making mistakes in the professional life. And doing mistakes when you must name a new product is a very common thing. But, that’s why Namzya is here. We will share with you in this article the most known 7 naming mistakes for you to avoid them in the future.

There’s no problem in making mistakes. But, there’s no excuse to make the same mistake twice if you have the possibility to learn how to proceed differently this time.

Never stop learning!

  1. Inviting the name only at the “after-party”.

In many cases, the product name remains the last point of the marketing team’s “to do” launching list. It is hilarious how big corporations are treating the naming concern. They must launch a new important product next month, for example and they remember that they must name it a week before the launch. It’s like you are preparing a big event and you are planning to invite one of the most important VIPs only at the after party. Guess what: At after-parties, people are already bored, tired or drunk. Your marketing and branding team is tired also before the launch and maybe the divine inspiration won’t come so quickly.

Start the naming creation in an early stage of your brand’s development process!

  1. Treating naming as an “art”.

And this translates into: It can be done by anyone who thinks about himself that he is creative enough to do it.

Yes, a naming process has a creative part too. We agree with that. But don’t forget that naming has a huge strategical role in your brand’s entire positioning. A powerful name can capture your brand’s promise and to help people remember it and choose it every time they have to do it.

And that’s a science, folks!

  1. Brainstorming without a proper brief

Many companies don’t value enough the value of a detailed, strategical and focused brief. With a good naming brief, you will find what insights of your brand’s strategy should be communicated through the name. Without a brief you will be just a myopic person working without glasses in a medical laboratory.

Read more about the essential steps to be followed in a naming process in this article.

  1. Common names do not mean “safer” and “better” names

In many cases, people think that using common, generical and descriptive names will be safer, better, more comfortable and it will represent the less risky decision. They are also counting on the fact that a common name will be cheaper to advertise. But guess what?

Common names are a lot more difficult to be protected as a trademark. Even if they seem so descriptive and logical, they don’t stand out from the big crowd of competitors. Read more about the most used types of names in this article.

  1. Not everything needs a new, creative and different name

We know this is a strange advice coming from a naming agency. We are just honest with you on this naming blog.

The truth is that in the case of a company who own hundreds or thousands of products, naming in a creative manner each of them will bring you chaos. If that’s your case, your best and cheapest solution will be to develop a naming architecture, a naming strategy with logic and true meaning. In this way, you will not have to start from scratch every time a new product naming process. Creating a naming guide is enough to build new sub-brands, line extensions, collection names and so on in the future. If you need to discuss more about building a naming architecture and naming guideline, drop us a line.

  1. Completely ignoring linguistic screening

When you are planning to launch a new product overseas in many countries is mandatory to take into consideration a professional linguistic screening report. Why? Read more in this article about some famous linguistic naming mistakes and you will understand.

  1. Good stories sell. Naming stories can sell forever

After you choose the perfect name, don’t simply stop here! Advertise your naming story. The story will be a bond between the name and the brand’s vision, meaning and current benefits.

Learn more about a naming process in order to avoid this kind of naming mistakes and many other. If you need our support with your next naming project, we are here for you!

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