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One of the most interesting naming fields is the automotive industry. A name which stands on a car that hits the roads over the world is for sure, one of the most challenging projects for a naming specialist. We are very passionate about the cars industry. Actually, we are working with a great car manufacturer – Tata Motors and we have named for them one of the latest models – a premium hatchback – ALTROZ. It remains one of our dearest naming projects and we are very proud that our created name has received such a great feedback on the market.

In this article, we will reveal for you 5 interesting name stories from the automotive industries. We are sure that you will enjoy them a lot:

  1. Bugatti - La Voiture Noire 


One of the most fascinating car models in the world was presented this year at Geneva Motor Show. Currently, La Voiture Noire is the most expensive car in the world. The price tag is $18.68 million.

Bugatti has always chosen as naming inspiration historical facts from their own experience.

Between 1936 and 1938, Bugatti has built four examples of Type 57 Atlantic model. One of them, being owned by the one who created it, namely Ettore Bugatti's son Jean.

This model was originally launched as the Aéro Coupé, but after Jean Bugatti’s friend, aviation pioneer Jean Mermoz, died while trying to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, the nameplate was changed in his honor in the name "La Voiture Noire". A mourning and respectful gesture for his beloved friend.

When the Nazis took control over Bugatti's Molsheim factory back in 1940, the most important pieces were sent away by train. And while La Voiture Noire was included in the precious cargo, this disappeared during the transport. And to this day, nobody is aware of the vehicle's fate.

Should the original La Voiture Noire be discovered, it is estimated that it could be worth over $100 million.

           2. Alfa Romeo - Giulietta

“Lots of Romeos but no Giuliettas".

How was this problem solved by Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo is an Italian legend car brand. So, it's no surprise that the origin of Giulia is part of a famous legend.

When the Alfa Romeo 1900 was introduced in 1950, an Italian journalist lamented the discrimination and the lack of elegance by saying: "Lots of Romeos but no Giuliettas".

This complaint has motivated the Alfa Romeo team to name the next generation of smaller Alfa Romeo: Giulietta. Then with an engine boost and a fresh design, in 2016, the modern Giulia was born. Alfa Romeo remains one of the few brands that hides romantic stories behind their names.

Cheers for them and for their creativity:)

          3. Porsche Carrera and Porsche Panamera

The name in general refers to racing, but specifically comes from the Carrera Panamericana Mexican endurance race, which Porsche won often with its 550 Spyder models. This road is representative for speed lovers who enjoy in the same time being in a fast car and seeing a wonderful landscape.

Watchmaker Tag Heuer and Porsche share that common ancestor; Heuer also named its Carrera series of watches after the race.

          4. Volkswagen Touareg


Touareg was named after the Tuareg people, a Berber-speaking group in North Africa. Derived from the strength and adaptability of the tribe, VW has decided that there are some qualities of the tribe representative for this SUV.

Endurance, flexibility and capacity of adapting in any road conditions.

            5. Skoda Kodiaq

It has been rumored that the initial naming options for this large SUV model were actually “Snowman” or “Polar”.

Finally they have chosen Kodiaq, which was inspired from the Alaskan Island Kodiak which gives the name for the largest brown bear still alive today. The connection between this large bear species and the SUV is the following: both are large, powerful, with a protective nature and a strong sense of family. They also have a strong outdoor expertise. Lots in common? Oh, yes.

The most interesting fact is that Skoda has discovered and started an entire new naming architecture. The next models like: Karoq and Kamiq have respected the naming rule established by the “big brother” – Kodiaq. Car names which start with “K” and end with “Q”. Powerful sound, easy to pronounce, easy to memorize.

Watch this nice video about the name story of Kodiaq:

Naming a new car model can be a very difficult task. Sometimes, a small linguistic mistake can cost you a lot of money and prestige. In a future article, we will tell you more about famous naming mistakes from the automotive industry. Stay tuned and write us if you need any car naming advice!

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