The strategy behind graphic design.

Name a new graphic design agency for the european and american market.

Special Brand Requirements

The agency is specialized in graphic design for the advertising industry. Every advertising material which goes out on the agency door is made by graphic designers who have enormous knowledge in communication and marketing strategies. The new name has to position the company as an agency where people don’t just draw. They know what and why they draw.

The Name: Vismark

Behind any successful business, there is a power that no one can deny: marketing. If there was no marketing, there would exist no more advertising, communication, sales and so on. In one word, if there is no marketing, there is no successful business.

Advertising is a very little small part of this enormous concept. The questions is: How could anyone working in advertising industry know what he is doing, if he doesn’t understand the marketing concept in its depth?

That’s why this new agency came out. To ensure every company which advertises its services and products that their communication materials will be drawn by graphic designers who understands what marketing is and who know how to align every advertising material to company’s marketing strategy.

What other phrase could express better this concept than “visual marketing”? That being said, the new name came out: Vismark - the art of drawing combined with the technology know-how.

At Vismark, graphic designers don’t just do. They know what they do!

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