The chosen gift for people you love!

Name a new product for a roadside assistance company which is sold with the purpose of being offered as a gift.

Special Brand Requirements

9695 is a national brand, known for roadside assistance services. Besides the existing product line, there was launched a new product that everyone could offer as a gift to a friend, family member, colleague who is a regular driver. The product is a premium card that can be used for all roadside assistance services offered by 9695. The name should express the care and love that person who offers this gift is feeling for a loved one.

The Name: SafetyBox

What other word than “safety” would express better your love for someone? For every person you care, even if it is about your wife, your child or a good friend, you just want to know them being safe. So, it is time to pass from offering as a gift boxes with watches, jewellry, ties or other type of regular gifts, to offer a SafetyBox instead. It is time for them to know you care about them from the first second they open the gift box.

Not only SafetyBox is a name which meets all the brand criteria, but it also strengthens the positioning of the company.

Will you offer a SafetyBox next time?

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