Royal Chocolate Card

Only for refined tastes

Name a loyalty program for one of the most special chocolate brands in Europe, Leonidas.

Special Brand Requirements

The name should make Leonidas customers feel special and privileged to be in this loyalty program. Also, the name has to say that this is a card based program.

The Name: Royal Chocolate Card

Leonidas is not just a chocolate brand. It is a company with such a big and beautiful history behind. It all started 100 years ago when the founder Leonidas George Kestekides presented his confectionery chocolate products in the 1910 World Fair in Brussels where he got the bronze medal. That was just the beginning. After 100 years of history and unique chocolate recipes, Leonidas became one of the most favourites chocolate brands for true chocolate lovers and the Official Supplier to the Court of Belgium.

Royal Chocolate Card is the name meant to be for Leonidas loyalty program. It is a name that offers exclusiveness to Leonidas’ customer. Being a member in this unique program he gets a special treatment and benefits which are hard to obtain. Not everybody has the privilege to have a Royal Chocolate Card and those who get it know for sure its value.

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