God invented the rain. We are not God, but we invented technology!

Name a new company which is an irrigation systems manufacturer.

Special Brand Requirements

The company is the first manufacturer of irrigation systems in Romania. The new name has to position the company as the perfect human made alternative for nature.

The Name: Rainteq

Every farmer prays for one thing: rain! The rain is that one uncontrollable thing in each farmer’s business and it has the power to make the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

Let’s control the only uncontrollable aspect. If nature doesn’t give farmers the much desired rain, RainTeq will do that. RainTeq is not just a simple name, but it is the name which shows the power of the company. Combining “rain” with “technology”, the new manufacturer becomes the alternative of nature in every droughty year.

Drought announces? Just talk to RainTeq.

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