3 times right: Name, Product, Market

Name a completely new product on the romanian market: the portable sink.

Special Brand Requirements

Nevo Solutions is the only portable sink manufacturer on the romanian market. This product is not an usual one, so the potential customers don’t even know that such a product might exist. Considering that, the name should help educate potential clients about this type of product.

The Name: Quvette

You might ask “why Quvette?”.

In romanian language, “chiuveta” - read “quveta” means “sink”. Considering that Nevo Solutions is the first manufacturer of portable sinks on the market, we wanted to offer him the advantage to build a strong brand that will protect him from new potential competitors.

By using Quvette name, a different spelling for “chiuvete”/”sinks”, the product becomes a leader in its category. Further, we managed to strengthen positioning through tagline and storytelling.

Would you like to be a leader on your market too?

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