Four times greater! Qualitative, User Friendly, Aesthetic, Development.

Name a new web design agency specialized in building web templates.

Special Brand Requirements

When an awesome web designer and a great web developer decide to start a new business it’s pretty clear that they will not stop until they will become famous together. After many years of experience in their own fields, the two guys combined their competences and they have discovered something important: Their worlds are governed by the same rule: Pay the money you receive with your time. Practically, their incomes depended strictly on the time invested. But when they found the solution to transform the time invested in products that can return money over and over again without starting always from scratch.

The Name: Quadict

Besides other technical explanations, a quadruple means also something “four times greater”. So we have two great guys, a web designer and a web developer who have decided to build together web templates that will be sold as products all over the world. After their work was paid a single time per project, now the time invested will be multiplied by their capacity to sell their work as a product not as a service.

Let’s recap a little bit: A web designer, a web developer, a service and all becomes a product. Four times greater, no? It sounds like a “quadruple”!

Also, “quad” comes from their main core values: Qualitative, User Friendly, Aesthetic, Development.

The synthesized story: Quadict!

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