Elegance and love in one simple word.

Name a new company dedicated to women that manufactures fashion accessories.

Special Brand Requirements

The name should express the femininity, elegance and tenderness of a young woman’ spirit. Also, the new name has to position the company as a french brand.

The Name: Marsyella

One of the most interesting projects - one of the most exciting names - one of the most beautiful stories.

In our learning process about the new company we were trying to understand the story behind it. It seems that one day, the founder just looked at his wife while she was preparing herself to make a walk with her beautiful puppy. She has done a cute hairstyle, dressed a beautiful outfit and chose the right accessories: a nice pair of shoes and a small wallet. Meanwhile, she brushed her little puppy and accessorized its collar with her blouse. In that moment, her husband came up with a big idea: to create a line of accessories for all young women who didn’t lose their femininity, tenderness, love and care for beautiful souls, despite the new trend of career focusing where women forget they are women first.

After hearing this story, our next questions was: What are the names of your wife and her puppy? So we got the answer: Marcela and Ella.

This was everything we needed to hear. We put together the two names and we got the perfect name: Marsyella - an extremely feminine word which express the elegance of a latin woman. Also, “Ella” means “she” in spanish, and “Elle” is the french word for “she” too.

Be feminine. Be elegant. Be beautiful. Wear Marsyella.

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