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Rename a company which activates in the vending machines industry, called Espresso Cafe. The need for renaming came from the old fashioned name, Espresso Cafe, that didn’t help the company to stand out in the market and being memorized as a brand.

Special Brand Requirements

The name should be suitable for two target audiences: the companies which will rent the vending machines and the customers who will drink the coffee from those vending machines. The name has to be both warm and trustworthy.

The Name: Kaldio

The company behind the new brand is a pioneer in the vending machines industry on the romanian market. Kaldio was not accidentally chosen. Kaldio comes from Khalid, an Ethiopian goatherd who observed his goats prancing and frolicking about. After investigations, he saw that the goats were merrily eating the red berries and shiny leaves of an unfamiliar tree. Khalid decided to try some, and immediately he joined the dancing goats and became “the happiest herder” in happy Arabia. The unfamiliar tree was the coffee tree. The legend says this is how coffee was discovered.

As Khalid was the pioneer of the coffee discovery, Kaldio is a pioneer in the vending machines industry on its market. Also, the romanian word “cald” means “hot”, so the name Kaldio has multiple connotations.


We do not assume this is the perfect name. We know that for sure. Kaldio has already 2 years since it was released and it was a huge success. Also, 1 year after launched, company decided to open a chain of coffee shops across the country under Kaldio name.

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