Attest your competences for the perfect job.

Name a web platform that facilitates the encounter between the proper employers and future employees.

Special Brand Requirements

A new web platform dedicated for jobs on the world wide web market. First thing in mind: “Thousands of these kind of platforms, we must find a thing that will make the difference.” The start up asked us to find a name that can transmit to the potential clients and also investors the following idea: “Not only a new jobs website. It’s the way that will guarantee the perfect match between a company and a new employee.” The core competence of the platform is that can it manages all the recruiting process in order to perfectly match the two parts. As a candidate, you must upload a video CV and also you must pass some tests in order to...attest your real job abilities.

The Name: Jobattest

As you have seen above, the key of the entire process is “to attest”. In a world that usually requires only a CV that it’s pretty similar with all the other CV’s from the job market, this start up comes to say: “Hey, it’s not enough. You have to attest what you have written here before the job interview”. And following this path, the candidate and the recruiter will have the guarantee that they both have chosen the best option.

Jobattest was meant to become a new slang in the recruiting area. It’s a new very simple word and you can understand from the beginning the main objective of the platform. Do you want the perfect job? Then you have to attest that you really deserve it. Pretty long to explain, no?

Simpler if you just say: Jobattest.

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