Gents’ Hairdresser

The barber-shop every man will love!

Name a new service company, a barber-shop based in Wien, Austria.

Special Brand Requirements

The name should express that this a studio dedicated to men, especially to those men who really take care about their looks and pay attention in selecting people who cut their hair. The name should also highlight a relationship between customer and brand.

The Name: Gents’ Hairdresser

What other name than Gents’ Hairdresser would better meet all the special brand requirements?

The men who treat themselves with respect choose carefully the shops where they dress, the car they are driving, the watch they are wearing, the restaurant where they eat and for sure, the places where their look is brought to life.

Gents’ Hairdresser doesn’t just say this is a studio dedicated to men, but it also says that this a place where you really find that one hairdresser who will exceed your expectations. He will become and remain for a long time your friend and your personal hair stylist who will always know what your desires are.

Enjoy your look! Enjoy your man life!

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