Colibri Print

When speed meets the vivid colors

Name a new typography which will be launched on the romanian market.

Special Brand Requirements

The company aims to become the typography with the fastest services in Romania. The name should express both rapidity and high quality of the products.

The Name: Colibri Print

What is the meaning of “fast” for the new company? Fast reply to messages, fast order management, fast delivery. And what is the meaning of “quality” for the same company? Bright and beautiful colors on every printed material. Not only the new company can achieve all these things, but it does them with an unbelievable naturalness.

Just look around. What other creature on earth do you see more colorful and fast than a hummingbird? Flying a maximum distance of 70 meters a second, a hummingbird carries its colors with pride, showing her beauty to the world. Do you ask yourself why Colibri? Because Colibri is the romanian word for hummingbird. Put Colibri besides Print and there’s no need for further explanation. Colibri Print company breaths fast services and beautiful colors. All for its customers.

Next time your company wants to speak in vivid colors, call Colibri Print!

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