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In line with the future

Company naming


Name a new software company with a maximum 6 letters original name and an available .com.

We named it ZUPRÍA

ZUPRÍA is an European software company which aims to become a leader on custom software projects, developing different web apps and it is also a representative player on the software products market which are using AI in delivering the best solutions for their clients.

The main challenges: 

  • To create from the scratch an invented name, a complete new term, original, unique and representative as sound for the new brand
  • The linguistic requirements of the project were: a short name, maximum 6 letters, 3 syllables, ended in a vowel.
  • To find a name which is available for trademark registration and also to have the possibility of registering a perfect match .com web domain.


We named it ZUPRÍA

We have respected all the project’s requirements and we succeeded also to overcome all the presented challenges. ZUPRÍA is a name with a sound easy to relate with: innovation, high-level technology, courage and smart software solutions. 

 Why ZUPRÍA as an accented word? 

...well, you will see in the future. All we can tell you is that we have thought about a higher vision which will involve a future product naming architecture. 

The tagline In line with the future was created by Namzya and it is a powerful brand statement. ZUPRÍA will always be a step forward, an innovative company which will forecast the needs of its clients.