Renaming from Whiterook to Symbitect

Company renaming


Rename Whiterook in a way that engineers can identify as a technical company.

We renamed it Symbitect

Whiterook was a company in the automotive system and software engineering industry, a Tier 1 supplier for the automotive companies. The founder of the company has decided to change this name because the target audience was not able to identify themselves with the brand’s positioning through its name.

Main challenges:

  • To create a representative new name for Automotive System and Software Engineering fields.
  • To find a specific name for these fields but, in the same time, to leave enough space for potential further extensions in other technical areas.
  • To find a name which is available for trademark registration and also to have the possibility of registering a perfect match .com web domain.

We renamed Whiterook into Symbitect

Symbitect is a suggestive name which was inspired by three important terms used in our client’s activity field:

  • System
  • Embedded
  • Architect

The name has the technical expected sound for which we have found also  an available .com web domain. Finally, we have delivered the perfect name for our client.