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By SanoVita

Product naming


Name a new healthy snack product from SanoVita’s portfolio.

The name: Savurontz

SavuRontz is a healthy snack product launched on the Romanian market by SanoVita.

We named it SavuRontz

Our inspiration for this product name?

The name characterizes a hybrid brand which owns two important specifications in the same time:

  • Sensory brand: it activates the sense of tasting something delicious because the first part of the name “Savu” comes from “savor”
  • Experiential brand: the motivation for “cracking” something good, because “rontz” comes from the verb “a rontai” which in Romanian means “to crack”

SavuRontz is a very well-balanced name, which has as main target audience the young and cool people.

A new challenge – creating a generic term to define the new product category on the market

Besides the name SavuRontz, we proposed to our client to create a new generic term that has the opportunity to define a new product category on the market.

So, we replaced the word “saratele” (“crackers”) which defines this category of products with the term  “Foite” (“Leafs”), because of the shape of the product.