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Renaming from VegUp to Origreen

Company renaming


Rename the VegUp vegan restaurant in an original way, by avoiding the “Veg” particle. 

We renamed it ORIGREEN

VegUp was a vegan restaurant, positioned more like a dinner where you can eat and go during your lunch break at your office. The new positioning involves changing the old perception. The brand will become a more premium vegan place and collateral to this main business, we will find a nutrition education new component.

Main challenges:

  • Creating a representative name for the vegan food area
  • Avoiding the main generic terms of the industries like: veg, vegan, vegetarian, raw
  • Providing to the name the capacity of sustaining different brand’s extensions.
  • Finding a name representative for a vegan restaurant, but also easy to use for other collateral businesses like nutrition education.

The final name was Origreen, a suggestive – metaphorical name which was inspired by:

The “Ori” particle, which comes from “Origin”, a word which suggests the fact that the first origins of the human’s nutrition preferences were vegan ones.
“Green” which is a familiar term for the target audience to understand the vegan nature of the food.