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Renaming from Nordis Real Estate to Nobileo

Brand renaming

Nordis Group is one of the most powerful real estate groups from Romania. Among its divisions, there was Nordis Real Estate, the real estate agency which manages exclusively premium high-end properties. 


Creating a new name which can differentiate the real estate agency and the other divisions. 

We renamed it Nobileo

Why Nobileo? 

Being a high-class real estate agency, which manages high-end properties and addresses a refined target audience, they needed a name able to express the premium character.

“Nobileo” was inspired by the word “Noble”, which suggests the exclusive character of the properties 


For the naming structure, we have taken into consideration an important factor linked to the linguistic naming architecture of the group. We have created a name which starts with the “No” particle. The transition from the ex-name, Nordis, is made in an easier way. At the same time, the name suggests homogeneity and integration. 

Nobileo was our first naming project in the real-estate field, and we are happy for the obtained result.