The workbag that fits your day! The pouch for “in-between” moments!

Naming Architecture


Name the first two products in AMZA BAGS collection: a bag and a pouch which are the definition of function and elegance!

We named them EVORA bag & VOLTERRA pouch


AMZA is a new brand of women’s bags.

They have recently launched a new bag which is the perfect combination between fashion and elegance. The bag is perfect for carrying your laptop, agenda, and other professional stuff. Together with the bag, they also launched a new pouch, which can be worn within the bag, or separately, from a quick lunch break to a full night out.

Main challenges:

Finding names with a powerful sound, which combined with the name of the mother brand – Amza, create a fluid homogeneous structure.
Creating feminine and metaphorical names which offer the opportunity of further product naming creation under the same theme.

The chosen names were EVORA for the bag and VOLTERRA for the pouch.

The AMZA’s naming architecture: european cities with feminine names.

Évora is a city from Portugal, known for its medieval aspect, surrounded by multiple historical monuments from different periods of time. It is the second preferred city by the Portuguese people to live here someday.

Volterra is a walled mountaintop town in the Tuscany region of Italy. Its history dates from before the 8th century BC and it has substantial structures from the Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval periods. The site is believed to have been continuously inhabited as a city since at least the end of the 8th century BC.

Why Evora & Volterra?

We have avoided taking inspiration from mainstream big cities, because we consider that the type of woman who will wear the AMZA’s EVORA bag and VOLTERRA pouch is not a common woman. She is powerful, she loves the balance between professional and personal life, and she is an early adopter. Evora and Volterra are both historical cities and their names have a feminine sound. Together, they create a homogeneous naming architecture.