Creative Coding

Reliable web development services. And that’s all.

Name a web development company based in UK and Romania.

Special Brand Requirements

Three young people were searching a name for their dream: to build a serious web development company in UK and Romania. Their special requirement was to find a name that can send the following message to the potential clients: “We are not able to create the best design that you are expecting.

We are not able to make logos, special banners or any other advertising materials. But if you are waiting for the best technical solution that can optimize the flow of your business, we are here!” Practically, in this type of business, many companies are offering all types of services and the result is that many of those services are at least mediocre executed. The guys wanted to assure their potential clients the fact that through their name they can offer premium web development services. And just that.

The Name: Creative Coding

“Coding” comes from “code” and “to code” means in the programming slang the action to write all the instructions in a programming language in order to have as a result a program that executes all the requirements asked in the initial brief. So basically, Creative Coding means that you have chosen a company that can build from zero an entire web architecture in order to have the most optimized, efficient and reliable result for a web application, website or any other software program.

From the first moment the name expresses the core competence of the company: high technical skills that can encounter any “hardcore” requirements from the clients. The company has chosen a niche and they didn’t want to blend with all other web companies that brag around about “doing anything online”. The position of Creative Coding stays really clear on the market: Reliable web development services. And that’s all.

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