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Naming five new products for a new eco-friendly home appliances range

Product naming


Finding the most suitable descriptive product names which emphasize the sustainable character of the new Beko eco-friendly product range

The chosen names were the following: 

·        EcoTub

Washing Machine & Washer Dryer. Approximately up to 60 recycled 0.5L PET bottles used in the tubs of washing machines and washer dryers on certain models

·        EcoFiber

An oven which mainly uses a sustainable material from recycled fishnet waste an industrial thread waste

·        GreenDry

The tumble dryer which uses recycled plastic in 15% of its plastic parts on average, including in the water tank housing and back over

·        BioCoffee

An espresso machine which was developed with bio-composite technology

·        BioCycle

A refrigerator which uses durable components composed of bio-based plastics

Main challenges

  • The names had to evoke the sustainable and eco-friendly character of the new products
  • The main request was to create descriptive names which have the capacity to emphasize the sustainable character of the products from the first moment you are hearing the names
  • Being a range with many products, it was mandatory to build an homogeneous naming architecture

Besides product naming, in this case, we have built an entire naming architecture which we will use further on as base naming rules, the guideline provided by us.