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AVANTYO - Institute of clinical research

Innovation in education!

Company naming


Name the first institute of clinical research of Romania!

The name: AVANTYO

AVANTYO is the first and the only Institute of Clinical Research of Romania. The main challenges was of this project were: to find the right naming direction which will encounter the main business and medical objectives of the new medical company, by overcoming the “Med-something” naming trend; to find a name able to trademark at European Level; to find a name with a perfect match .com domain

We named it AVANTYO

The name is inspired by “avant-garde” and it stands for innovation, courage, discovery, excellence. AVANTYO embraces digitalization into Clinical Research field of expertise.

”Innovation in Education” is the tagline which accompanies the name and it is a brand promise sustained by the Custom Made Education Platform for Clinical Research.

Avantyo means:

  • Courage to discover new medical innovations
  • The desire of always discovering new things
  • The ambitions of being anytime at least one step forward.

The launching

The launching was done during the Clinical Trials Symposium, one of the most important events dedicated to clinical research in Europe, which took place in Bucharest.


The launching of AVANTYO was featured in Forbes Romania.