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ART Fertility Clinics

Science Assisting Nature!

Company renaming

Renaming from IVI Middle East to ART Fertility Clinics


Rename IVI Middle East, the leading global institution of Reproductive Medicine in UAE and Oman!

We renamed it ART Fertility Clinics

IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic is the leader in reproductive medicine on the United Arab Emirates and Oman markets, with the highest success rate, having clinics in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat.

The main challenges of this project were:

·        To find the perfect name to replace the current name

·        A name with scientific connotations

·        A name with a metaphorical meaning

·        No negative linguistic connotations

·        Easy to pronounce in Arabic and at international level

·        Available for trademark registration at international level

We renamed in ART Fertility Clinics

1.      ART comes from "Assisted Reproductive Technology", a well-known term in the reproductive medicine world.

2.      In the same time, ART Medicine is not only science. It is an art also. The doctors are the artists, and the children of the couple patients are the art.

ART Fertility Clinics aims to set up 24+ clinics in Europe, India and South East Asia in the next few years! 

ART Fertility Clinics, we can’t wait to see your name around the globe!


The ART Fertility Clinics renaming project was featured in Forbes Romania.