From generation to generation

Company naming


Name a new e-commerce platform specialized in the agricultural field, which aims to become the leader on the Romanian market. 

We named it Agrarul

Agrarul is a new e-commerce platform, a new brand which brings innovation to the Romanian agricultural market. The platform commercializes agricultural products from spare parts to agricultural machines, being the indispensable support for the romanian farmers. The innovation Agrarul is bringing on the market is the fact that it offers the possibility to everyone to buy agricultural spare parts in an easier way, products that before were harder to choose and buy if you weren’t a technical specialist. This buying ease is given by the way the products are presented on the website and by the free consultancy offered by the specialists of Agrarul.

Main challenges:

  • a name which suggests the agricultural field on the spot
  • easy to pronounce and to memorize by the romanian farmers, no matter their age and educational background
  • a strong name, capable to support a strong storytelling
  • the availability of the desired web domain extension and as a trademark
  • a name with a touch of “tradition” 


We named it Agrarul

Agrarul is an existing word in the romanian language which means “agrarian”, an articulated word of the base word “agrar”, which refers to a property connected to agriculture.

Also, “Agrarul” was the name of a romanian publication which was printed and distributed during the First World War, more than 100 years ago, a publication specialized in agricultural articles. 

This way, Agrarul is not only a name which suggests the idea of agriculture through its word’s base meaning, but it is also a name with history, a touch of tradition, which supports a strong storytelling.

The tagline “From generation to generation” (“Din generatie in generatie” in romanian) is also Namzya’s signature, and it is a tagline with two meanings:

  • Farms are inherited by the people from generation to generation. Usually, the farms are ruled and managed by the sons of the farmers when they grow old and decide to retire, farming being in the blood of the entire family
  • Agrarul is bringing the name of a famous publication from more than 100 years ago to the lips of the generations in the third millennium. A name which survives “From generation to generation”