company naming

Why should we name your company?

When you set up a new company, one of the first thoughts in mind is “What name will it have?”

The simplest idea is to organize a brainstorming with your partners, friends, family and maybe employees in order to find a fancy name.

Is it the best way?

With the first brainstorming, also comes the “enemy” that can transform your new company name in a failure. And the enemy is: “I don’t like it!”

Always, but always someone from your team will say it: “I don’t like it, but I don’t know why...It sounds...strange?”

From this point, the only chance to give a name to your company is to make everyone involved to like an option, or at least, the majority of the parts involved will vote for one alternative.

Don’t you feel it is a a bit wrong this process?

All this arguing with your partners does not let you see the most important fact in the company naming process:

It’s not about you to like it. It’s about a name that will represent all your objectives, processes, vision and mission to your potential clients.

It does not have to sound fancy or common neither has to impress your friends. Your company name needs to get straight to the hearts and minds of your potential clients and by just hearing the new name the clients have to feel that:

  • They understand who you are and what you do.
  • They are interested to find out more about your company.
  • The name transmits confidence and empowers the new born brand.

Do you need a name for your new company?
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