Top 5 most uninspired electric cars names


Last week we wrote an article about the top 5 best electric cars names. In the following article we have made a top 5 most uninspired electric cars names from our perspective. Which are the criteria for an uninspired name for an electric car?

  • Using as product name an abbreviation which means a lot for the internal team of the manufacturer and simply…nothing for the target audience
  • Forgetting to make a linguistic screening report before choosing the final name
  • Remaining stuck with the “e” letter for representing “electric”

So…let’s see:

1) Audi e-TRON

The most important naming mistake is that they have not done a linguistic screening report before choosing this name. The word “étron” in French means “excrement”. That’s a huge mistake because Germany and France even share a border!  Also, for sure, France represents one of the biggest markets for Audi.

So, for a French potential customer, Audi e-TRON sounds like the most expensive excrement he has ever heard of: ))))

The second mistake is that they got stuck with the “e” letter in order to define an “electric” car. It’s like nowadays a car would be named “X Diesel”. In the very next future, naming your car “electric” will be simply redundant.

2) Mercedes-Benz EQC

Have you ever wondered what EQX means?

Well, we’ve done some research for you. It seems like EQC stands for “Electric Intelligence”. It is derived from the Mercedes-Benz brand values of “Emotion” and “Intelligence”.

The problem here is the following: Who is really interested in discovering what these letters “EQC” really mean?

A brand name must be created for its target audience, not for the internal teams who know more or sometimes less about the brand’s values.

3) Mahindra e2o Plus

Another company which remains stuck with the “e” letter. The name is too long, difficult to understand and most of all, almost impossible to quickly memorize it. In the case of a car name, especially an electric one, it’s mandatory to find a name easy to associate with a familiar concept in order to become connected with it.

4) Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Ok, let’s see what it really means this complicated name: “i-MiEV”.

It seems that MiEV is an acronym for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle. We bet that from three shots you wouldn’t guess this.

Another example of brand name done for the internal teams of the manufacturer. It’s a name with no significance for the target audience, hard to pronounce in any language and, for sure, almost impossible to memorize.

5) Volkswagen ID.3

Well, it’s very awkward for us as naming specialists, but we really did not find an official opinion about what the name ID.3 means. About the “3” number, there is some information about a third generation after Polo and Gold. But, there a big void around this strange name. It seems like a code for a prototype.

Things are curious in this case because Volkswagen has created until now an interesting, logical and coherent product naming architecture. Maybe, they are preparing for the next generation of product names. Anyway, ID.3 is a name almost impossible to quickly correlate with something and difficult to memorize.

The only advantage if we can say this, is that they have avoided any potential linguistic mistake with this name.

As we have already said in the previous article, when a new era starts it’s mandatory to make the next big step in creating new, fresh and innovative product names. Don’t get stuck in the past if you are doing all your best in terms of technological evolutions.

If you need help with your future naming project, drop us a line here!

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